Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hansons Livonia windows Offers Factual Data-Driven Provider Comparisons

The company has updated its onsite window comparison, guaranteeing clients the most pertinent data


 Livonia, MI -- Hansons Livonia windows, a provider of multiple types ofwindows, has recently updated their websites database of information for the sake of clients who need the most pertinent information in deciding on where to get new windows. The company’s database is “a very precise and data-driven source of information for clients who are looking for the best, and trying to avoid the worst when it comes to window companies,” said a spokesman for the company.

“In putting together our database, we elected to use only viable sources of non-partial information for the evaluation of each company. This means that no information is supplied in a biased form, and no information is tempered with by or on the behalf of any of the window companies. In most cases, we even use mystery shoppers to aid us in verifying the information that we’ve received. In order to separate Livonia windows from cheap companies that offer windows we had even gone as far as polling current and past clients of the particular companies.”

“Now all of this may sound a bit on the clandestine side, but we assure everyone that no form of misinformation is ever interjected into our processes. We simply use all viable and ethical methods of gathering the most important information that our clients need, which boils down to how well a window company is going to cover clients when there is a time of need.”

About Hansons Windows:

When you invest in your home, don't you want the job done by a company that will back their products and work with actions and not words? We're so confident the products we install are the best in the industry, that if something goes wrong we'll take care of it, no questions asked. Our guarantees are second to none. Thank you for choosing Hansons! You're well on your way to a more beautiful, more energy efficient, and more valuable home. The Hansons family is eager to serve your family. We can't wait to help you “Get it Done.”

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